Artist Statements

Melanie Jewell

“Jewell explores her distinct spectrum of nature motifs reinterpreted with modern techniques, playing with canvas and electronic medium to document character narratives rooted in her northern home.”

Robert Turriff

“In a modern world where humans and nature are separated by an increasingly deeper divide, Turriff confronts viewers with the realities of our one-sided relationship with the earth and seeks to engage with a buried spiritual connection humans have misplaced within modernity.”

Yuckyboy Studio

“We can explore spectrums of identity, with respect to their validity, and entertain tongue-in-cheek humour about the absurdity of culture, bodies, sexuality, and creation.”


MONTECRISTO – Michelle Nguyen

“Creating based on colour and composition, Nguyen arranges party attendees for aesthetic cohesion and leaves their connections as possibilities. The humanoids wear cocktail dresses and suits but mingle outdoors among untamed lashings of greenery. In Floatie in Jade Green, Death lifts a martini and chats up a bikini babe: a piquant memento mori.”

Exhibition Statements

Emily Hermant

“Hermant had been searching for concrete methods for mapping out wi-fi patterns, signals, and other elements of the invisible clouds of information that surround us. What would they look like if the world paused and the information was given colour and a body?”

Kuh Del Rosario

“Objects are fossilized with layers of paint, then encrusted with broken glass. Del Rosario becomes the agent of time and it a medium she manipulates. Outside of the techniques, the repetitions, and back-and-forths: the focal points of her work are the implications and narratives she creates via her acts of controlled weathering.”

Robert David-Kolić

“David-Kolić explores geometries of power by taking artists like Natale Bonifacio, a Croatian engraver who lived in Rome during the 16th century, and identifying his images of dragons and thunderbolts as symbols of aetherical force, then paralleling those images with contemporary symbols that communicate similar meanings.”

Ryan Romero

“Romero observes and provides a platform for unique narratives through documentation, his own as well as others’; his paintings confront the acceptance of small daily moments through gestural strokes and bold panels of colour.”