drone philosophy (2019) explores the trinity of mental illnesses – depression, anxiety, and disassociation – with the use of aural metaphor.

In drone philosophy i, a woman hides from the world in a house built on an unstable foundation at the edge of a ravine. drone philosophy ii, first published as Polynya in Issue 15 of SAND Journal, follows a man who signed up with the Canadian forces and fights isolation on one of the Queen Elizabeth Islands. The protagonist of drone philosophy iii, prone to panic attacks, struggles through his sister’s wedding. All three characters navigate a dark night of the soul and  find a moment of solace.

Printed and released by Cardinal Valor press.

Violetta Leigh, Absence Under the Electrics, Yannick Pereira Bajard

Absence Under the Electrics (2022) is a collaborative text between poet Violetta Leigh and analog photographer Yannick Pereira Bajard. It started as a project during the pandemic, as a way for two friends to connect, create, distract, and move forward.

The majority of Leigh’s poems are odes to gestural moments of human intimacy – ‘borrowing’ a drag of someone’s cigarette, holding hands in a cab – lost during a period of turning away, as we distanced to keep each other safe. There is a four line stanza to represent each month of the pandemic, from March 2020 to the time of publication.

Pereira Bajard’s photographs document urban centres empty of their people. Often at night, the photographs depict barren geography: emerald halogen limning the linear planes of a concrete parking garage, flash outlines four empty chairs abandoned outside of an industrial building, and streetlights illuminate empty sidewalks, glowing golden for no one.

44 pages