Heartworm Reader Vol 1

Heartworm Reader Vol. 1 // Heartworm Press

The shifting spotlight caught her movement: kinetic chaos that oscillated with waveforms twisted from synthesizers and distortion pedals arranged in an arc on the floor. She summoned electronic fizz: a fur coat cozying vocals.

The Black Editions #2 Night Paces by Violetta Leigh // Black Flowers Press

Hip-to-ceiling windows measure her in desaturated doubles, a city ghost that haunts herself in neon exhales.

Memory Wood // Vulnerary Magazine

On the last day of the month, we prowled the alleys of East Van
from Main to Nanaimo for relics abandoned by movers eddied
by a fraught clock who discarded their belongings too cumbersome
to load into the box of a truck. Sometimes, it wasn’t worth the hassle –
I understood, having compartmentalized my life into a suitcase
for years //